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ACT Machine Activated Clotting Time Machine 

Sonoclot ACT Machine Activated Clotting Time Machine Incorporates Ultra Sensitive Visco-Elastic Detection System to Monitor In-Vitro Hemostasis. This Patented Technology is Ideal for Detecting Initial Fibrin and Monitoring Clot Formation Proces.

    • ACT & Clot Rate (Rate of Actual Clot Formation) Results
    • Separate Results for Factor Xa & Thrombin (IIa) Inhibition 
    • Information on Coagulation Factors & Fibrinogen in one Simple Test
    • Accurate Heparin Anti-Coagulation Management
    • High Sensitivity to Residual Heparin Detection
    • Low Molecular Weight Heparin Management (LMWH)
    • Improved Hemostasis Management
    • Reduced Usage of Blood Products
    • Portable for use in Cardiac Surgery, Cath Lab, ICU, Critical Care, Coronary Care Unit (CCU), PCI, Angiography, PTCA, Renal Dialysis, ECMO Anti-Coagulation
    • Simple QC Procedure
    • Microprocessor Controlled
    • On Board Data Storage and Computer Connectivity 
    • ACT Machine Activated Clotting Time Machine Cath Lab CCU Cardiac Surgery ECMO Dialysis CTVS India 

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