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Sonoclot – Hemostasis Management in Critical Care 

The Sonoclot Coagluation & Platelet Function Analyzer is a Versatile Whole Blood Point of Care System that uses Sienco's Patented Visco-Elastic Clot Detection Mechanism to Analyze the Global Process of Hemostasis, including Coagulation, Fibrin Gel Formation, Platelet Function and Fibrinolysis. Know more 

Sonoclot  - ACT Machine India

Sonoclot SC1 Analyzer (ACT Machine) Incorporates Ultra Sensitive Visco-Elastic Detection System to Monitor In-Vitro Hemostasis. This Patented Technology is Ideal for Detecting Initial Fibrin and Monitoring Clot Formation Proces. Know more

Non – Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer

This product kills 99% of germs on hands and skin that can spread illness. It's proven to destroy a broad spectrum of pathogens including e coli, listeria, salmonella, MRSA and staph. Know more


Hemostatic Gauze

This product is a collagen-like natural substance created from chemically treated cellulose. It is an effective, patent-pending, hemostatic agent registered with the FDA to help control bleeding from open wounds and in body cavities. Know more

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