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Sonoclot – Hemostasis Management in Critical Care 

The Sonoclot Coagluation & Platelet Function Analyzer is a Versatile Whole Blood Point of Care System that uses Sienco's Patented Visco-Elastic Clot Detection Mechanism to Analyze the Global Process of Hemostasis, including Coagulation, Fibrin Gel Formation, Platelet Function and Fibrinolysis. The Sonclot Coagulation & Platelet Function Analyzer is an instrument for Monitoring Global Hemostasis Performance and can provide information on Multiple Components of Hemostasis with a Single Test. 

It is used worldwide to manage: 

  • Functional Hemostasis Management
  • Provides More Accurate Picture of in-vivo coagulation process
  • Factors, Fibrinogen, Platelet Function in Single Test
  • Whole Blood Platelet Assessment
  • Indications for Blood Components Usage
  • Evaluate Response to Platelet GP IIb IIIa inhibitors
  • Identify Hypercoagulable patients
  • Hyperfibrinolysis / DIC /Sepsis
  • Differentiate between Mechnical & Hemostatic Bleeders
  • High Dose Heparin / Low Molecular Weight Heparin Monitoring
  • High Sensitivity to Residual Heparin
  • Different tests to help your Clinical Decisions
  • Faster Results: Typical Results in 15 Minutes
  • Simplified Usage / Microprocessor Controlled / Made in USA
  • Thromboelastography (TEG) / Thromboelastograph
  • Platelet Function Analyzer (PFA)
  • Portable for use in Cardiac OR, Cath Lab, ICU, Critical Care, ECMO Coagulation
  • Best Hemostasis Management in Cardiac Surgery, Liver Transplant, Critical Care.
  • Available in Single Channel & Double Channels models.
  • Sonoclot Thromboelastography Cardiac Surgery Liver Transplant Platelet Function Analyzer ECMO India

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